There’s going to be a lot of talk about Universal Credit this week – I disagree with our Tory MP Mr Mercer who claims that the biggest challenge about this policy is the “bad press” it’s getting. I say the worst thing about it is that it will harm the everyday livelihoods of the very Plymouth people and families it should set out to help. You don’t make work pay by making working people worse off.

Citizens Advice analysis suggests that more than 32,000 families in Plymouth will be receiving UC by 2022. That’s one in five households in Plymouth. And people have been in touch with me this week letting me know their concerns.

The Conservative Government let the cat out of the bag last week by admitting Universal Credit roll-out will leave “some people worse off”. For “some”, this is actually “millions”. In the case of low-income working families, the Resolution Foundation says a huge 3.2 million households will be an average £1,800 a year worse off.

Nobody should be worse off, face losing their home or having to make the trip to the food bank because of this system. Let me know what you think.