Our Tory MP Mr Mercer has just voted to cover up the impact that Universal Credit is having on Plymouth families and people who most need support. Government has already admitted that some people will be worse off – and by some, they actually mean millions.

You don’t improve bad Government decisions by hiding the truth from the people you are paid to serve and represent.

By voting to hide the true impact of his Government’s policy, he is not acting in the best interests of over 10,000 people in the Plymouth Moor View constituency that are being hit by this policy.

It’s time to stop the rollout of Universal Credit until we properly understand how it will affect not just people here, but working families across the country. Mr Mercer needs to stop defending the indefensible and come clean on what the decisions of the Government he always supports mean for people here.

Mr Mercer tries to talk a good game, but the truth is he has voted consistently to take money away from people on both in and out of work benefits. You don’t make work pay by making working people worse off.