This evening our Tory MP Mr Mercer has said he wouldn’t vote for his own party if he wasn’t a politician, and branded his Government a “sh*t show”. A few initial thoughts from me…

This is a dire state of affairs from Mr Mercer. He is openly admitting he no longer believes in the Conservative values he was elected on. This is an MP who has recently taken a second highly paid job, bunks off key committee sessions, and now says he wouldn’t even vote for his own party.

Mr Mercer was voted in by people here as a Conservative MP – if he no longer believes in being a Conservative MP he should step aside and call a by election.

Whilst he creates this media circus around him, people here in Plymouth have real problems and need an MP who will fight for them.

Just over a year ago he proudly welcomed Theresa May to Plymouth with open arms. Who can forget his strong and stable leaflets?

Now he’s calling his own Government a shit show. The same Government he has never voted against. What are people here supposed to think of that?