I’ve just read the news that University Hospitals Plymouth Trust will move its entire elective orthopaedic service to a private company.

When it comes to health, profits should never come before people. These orthopaedic procedures are routine operations that people here in Plymouth rely on to improve their quality of life.

Most people know someone who has needed a hip or knee operation, so it is very concerning to see privatisation as the go to response to ever growing pressures on our underfunded National Health Service.

This move appears to in be in response to yet another impending Tory winter crisis in our NHS, and comes just months after a difficult CQC report. There are big questions to be asked when privatisation is being considered by hospital chiefs who are facing incredibly tough challenges in our underfunded NHS. It’s about time the Tory Government gave them what they need to properly tackle longer waiting lists and help patients in distress.

The Tories just aren’t giving the NHS the funding it needs to look after people here in Plymouth. Labour have promised to give our NHS the funds it needs. People in our city deserve proper healthcare and only a Labour Government will deliver it.

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