Our Tory MP has more than doubled his salary with double standards. £85,000 is a staggering amount of money for a second job – how can he be fulfilling the duties of an MP who claims that his priorities don’t lie anywhere other than Plymouth?

Read my comments in Plymouth Live – this means his total salary is now seven times the average wage here.

This adds up to a troubling picture of the person that is supposed to represent us in Parliament. Mr Mercer recently bunked off a key select committee session on the future of our NHS to be on reality TV, and has a reputation for touring the country attending posh Tory dinners and book promotions.

I think our MP should live here, and that being an MP should be their only job. Which of his parliamentary duties will he drop to make time for this second job? I really hope he isn’t taking us all for a ride – the people I know here working two jobs are doing it because they need to pay the rent and feed and clothe their children, not because they get £3,000 a week.