It’s time to make your mind up, Mr Mercer. My message to our Tory MP on the Brexit deal:

You are yet to tell people here how you plan to vote on Theresa May’s deal with Brussels. Theresa May’s deal doesn’t deliver what people who voted Leave want and it doesn’t deliver for people who voted remain, so why would you vote for it Mr Mercer?

You voted remain, called the Chequers agreement “progress” and then called your own Government a “sh*tshow”. The people of Plymouth deserve to know where their MP stands.

If I were an MP I would vote against it. I’m clear this is a bad deal for our country.

I challenge you to be clear with your constituents on how you will vote, and not continue to hedge your bets on what best suits your career. There is no celebrity TV for Brexit. Now is the time for grown up politics not self promotion and second jobs – do your day job, focus on the biggest decision in British political history, and tell us how you will vote on this deal.