New information brought to light today by SchoolsWeek reveals that at least £23m has been spent on failed studio schools. 26 studio schools out of a total of 59 across the UK have closed or are due to close, which includes Plymouth Studio School in Derriford. 

Charlotte Holloway, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Moor View commented:

“The scale of this failed Conservative experiment is staggering. Parents and pupils deserve far, far better than a studio school programme where almost half fail.

“The closure of schools like Plymouth Studio School is causing great uncertainty and anxiety for children in our city, and thousands more across the country.

“My question to our Conservative MP Mr Mercer is how many more studio schools can be allowed to fail before he admits that his Government’s education policy isn’t working? Plymouth parents will be asking how so much money could have been spent on so many expensive failures, when existing schools are being starved of funds.

“Once we have full confidence that pupils at Plymouth Studio School have been successfully placed, with fully-funded and appropriate alternative education providers across the city, we must find out what went wrong and the lessons that must be learnt for the future.

“What these figures make clear, is that the proposed closure of Plymouth Studio School is not an isolated local issue but one that is the making of national Conservative Party policy. Our children deserve better.”

1. The article and information uncovered by SchoolsWeek is available at