Charlotte Holloway, Labour and Co-operative Parliamentary candidate for Plymouth Moor View, has commented on National Day Nurseries Association research on shortfalls in Government funding for delivering the Conservatives’ flagship childcare policy, published today:


“Last year the Conservative Government made a big noise on introducing 30 hours of childcare. This new research shows that the Government’s failure to provide funding is letting down children, parents and nurseries up and down the country. 


“Privately, some nurseries in Plymouth have told me that a shortfall of over £2,000 per child is affecting their ability to be financially viable. A proper childcare policy shouldn’t mean that nurseries fear they might have to close down. It’s just not good enough.”


“I urge our Conservative MP Mr Mercer to look at how his Government’s failure to properly fund this policy is failing Plymouth nurseries. These funding levels must be reviewed and I have written to Mr Mercer to ask that this Government do this urgently. 


“The next Labour Government will provide the proper funding required for 30 hours of childcare to all 2-4 year olds.”