Yesterday I joined residents at a Whitleigh public meeting with police, local councillors and our Tory MP on crime levels. People are rightly concerned and angry at recent serious crime incidents, and a rise in anti social behaviour in Whitleigh and elsewhere across the north of the city. That’s why scores of people turned up to the public meeting last night to demand that something is done to make our neighbourhoods safe.

You can read about the meeting in the Evening Herald here.

People feel unsafe and I have had people phone me up in tears, others saying they are afraid to leave their houses. It has been heartbreaking to hear brave residents openly share their first hand experiences of crime on the streets where we live.

The police and the council must now pull out all the stops and provide the resources needed to make people feel safe again.

If the council and the police don’t have the resources to keep our streets safe, then some serious questions need to be asked about the impact of this Conservative Government cutting police and PCSO numbers.

As a local resident said to our Tory MP at the session, there’s a growing sense in the community that things have got worse in the last five years. It is great that the Labour council locally are planning to tackle anti-social behaviour, but we need more than that. Our police must be given the resources and proper funding they need to do their job.