News that our Tory MP bunked off parliament early has made the national media. I shared your views that people here in Plymouth aren’t impressed that our Conservative MP clocked off early to chase the limelight. To add fuel to the fire, he missed an opportunity to grill the new Health Secretary on growing waiting lists and the primary health care crisis we are facing here in Plymouth. Read my comments in the Daily Mirror.

Being an MP is a serious job with responsibilities to turn up and work tirelessly. Mr Mercer was elected by people here to do a job and put Plymouth first in parliament.

People have contacted me saying they are worried that Plymouth is just a pit stop for him as he travels from his home in Cornwall. After jobs were threatened at Babcock back in March he promised to be in Plymouth, but next thing he turned up at a book festival in Gateshead. People here in Plymouth want their MPs to be working for our city not for their own self-promotion and self-advancement.

Last month we discovered from a national newspaper that Mr Mercer has been touring the country having fancy dinners with 90 Conservative Associations across Britain, far from us here. Now he’s decided that being on reality TV is more important than dealing with a rise in serious crime in our city, school closures or fighting to make sure we don’t lose more doctors and dentists.

I receive many ongoing messages from constituents here asking for help because they fail to receive a response from Mr Mercer. If I am able to assist with any residents with any queries or concerns then I will do what I can to help in his absence. Just drop me an email on