Commenting on news that HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark are saved from the latest round of defence cuts, Charlotte Holloway, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Moor View said:

“Today is a big news day for Plymouth – I’m delighted that it’s been announced that HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark have been saved from this Tory Government’s proposed cuts.

“Be sure to see through the spin as this news unfolds – we have a Conservative Government congratulating themselves on saving these ships from their own cuts.

“This is the result of a campaign that brought our whole city together – when we stood behind the Fly The Flag For Devonport campaign and said that Plymouth would not accept these cuts to our ships.

“Make no mistake, our place as a proud military city is still at threat under this Conservative Government. We still have no answer on cuts to our marines, major delays on decisions on T26 frigates and a defence strategy from Government which is now very overdue.

“A big note of thanks to our neighbouring Labour MP Luke Pollard whose constituency covers Devonport for his leadership – he has been utterly relentless in campaigning to save these ships in parliament and working cross-party.

“It’s not right that serving personnel and their families had to endure months and months of needless uncertainty about the future of these ships.

“I remain deeply concerned about the morale of serving personnel and their families. They shouldn’t have had to go through this. I remain concerned about what else will be cut instead from the defence budget to meet this Government’s austerity agenda. The fight continues.”