Responding to news that the Plymouth Royal Marines superbase plan has been shelved by the Conservative Government, Charlotte Holloway, Labour and Cooperative Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Moor View, said:

“We were made promises by the Conservatives about the marines in Plymouth and today it turns out those promises have been broken. The response from our Tory MP in has been disappointing – he has rolled over and accepted this despite giving assurances that it will happen in the past”

“The long and short is that this is a significant U-turn from Mr Mercer’s Government which raises big questions which need to be answered. Why was Mr Mercer taken in by promises? Why wasn’t he across this change and betrayal from his Government? Why didn’t he keep up the pressure and raise concerns in parliament?”

“Sadly our Tory MP is now doing his standard distraction technique of throwing around insults on social media whilst backtracking on previous promises made, now calling them “aspirations”. We deserve so much better than this.”

Read Charlotte in the Herald’s coverage of the shelving at: