There are plenty of reasons to be angry at this Conservative Government but today’s so-called strategy to tackle a rise in violent crime deserves special mention as it is are nowhere near the serious approach needed by communities. What we are hearing is a set of empty words which fail to address major problems of the Government’s own making.

It beggars belief that this Conservative Government’s response to rising knife crime includes giving teachers and nurses responsibility for tackling it – that’s just wholly impractical as well as failing to understand the root causes of rising crime.

What we need across the country is a genuine public health approach to rising serious and violent crime. But the Tories’ entire programme of public spending cuts, which Plymouth’s Conservative MPs have voted for, has sadly contributed to the causes of rising violent crime.

We’ve seen too many stabbings and serious incidents in Plymouth over the last year. Having spoken to those communities affected, I want to see a far better strategy in place. One that is serious about long-term funding for police, school exclusions, youth services for young people, and mental health services.