People I speak to from St Budeaux to Southway, from Ernesettle to Eggbuckland, from West Park to Whitleigh, are crying out for real change. 

Labour’s manifesto is full of practical, popular policies that will bring about real change for people here in Plymouth. You can read the full manifesto here.

Our manifesto shows what a different kind of society can look like. Where services at Derriford don’t fall victim to even more privatisation. Where we can eradicate homelessness in Plymouth in the next five years. Where older people who need support in their homes will get the National Care Service they deserve. Where we can all access dentists when we need them, and children won’t have to go to A&E to get their teeth pulled out. Where many of the bus routes that we’ve lost since 2010 are reinstated. Where all Plymothians get a Real Living Wage of £10 an hour and we stop the misery of Universal Credit. Where we build good quality, energy-efficient homes which are genuinely affordable. Where we get back the police that we’ve lost, and those police have the resources they need to keep us all safe. That’s the real change that’s on offer to Plymouth on December 12th.

A Labour Government will bring an end to greedy MPs taking a second job whilst they neglect the needs of their constituents. Too many people have told me their anger at their local MP having a second job. I’ve long said being an MP should be your only job, and now only Labour has the political courage to make that a reality.

I want to congratulate my Labour neighbour Luke Pollard who is standing for re-election in the neighbouring constituency on his successful campaign for recycling the submarines at Devonport. The manifesto commits to accelerating the safe and sustainable recycling of our old nuclear submarines.

At the next election, Plymouth has the chance to elect two Labour MPs who are from Plymouth, two MPs who are proud to live in the places they want to represent. It’s time for real Plymouth in Westminster, and it’s time for real change in Plymouth.