Charlotte Holloway is standing to be our next Labour MP to create a Plymouth that works for all of us. She is the only candidate on the ballot who lives in the constituency.

Early Life

Charlotte was born at Freedom Fields Hospital in Plymouth. Growing up, her mother was an NHS nurse and her father was a salesman.

Charlotte was raised in Plymouth, in St. Judes, where her mother taught her to read at the local library. Tory cuts have since forced that library to close, denying other young children the chance to develop a lifelong love of reading. Charlotte attended Mount Street Primary School and Plymouth High School for Girls. Growing up, her family encouraged her to do her best, work hard and be kind to others. She’s never been afraid of a hard day’s graft and her first jobs were in the Mutley Plain Co-op and working behind the bar of The Dog and Duck.

With the support of brilliant local teachers, she became the first member of her family to go to university after school, winning a place at Cambridge. She went on to gain a Masters degree from the London School of Economics where the focus of her studies was on implementing a real living wage for all. Part of what drives her now is the idea that children today do not have the same opportunities that she did growing up under a Labour Government.


Charlotte worked in economic research at the time of the global financial crisis, looking at the steps that the UK economy needed to take toward recovery. It was doing this work that she became passionate about rebalancing the UK economy, by moving away from a focus on London and the South East. Charlotte remains an advocate for proper investment in regional infrastructure so that places like Plymouth can unlock their potential.

Charlotte went on to work in the technology sector, championing the needs of growing businesses. She was recognised nationally as one of the top 50 most influential women in a very male-dominated sector. Her expertise meant she was appointed by the Mayor of London to the Smart London Board (an unpaid advisory role). Her knowledge, determination and experience make her a powerful champion for locating the jobs of the future here in Plymouth.

She currently lives in Crownhill where she is raising her family, and most recently has worked for a national charity where she led research programmes into how we can ensure that nobody is left behind by technological change. She is also a school governor at Pennycross Primary School in Ham, Non-executive Director of Plymouth Energy Community, a Founding Member of the South West Mutual (a new community bank), and is an advisory board member of Women in STEM Plymouth, which helps girls and young women in our city get into science and engineering roles.

Why The Labour Party

Charlotte joined the Labour Party in 2008, when it was becoming clear that the country needed to move away from the power of big finance. She saw Labour’s values of social justice and a sensible, people-focussed economic policy as key to rebuilding Britain in the wake of a catastrophic crash. She didn’t think it was right that bankers were allowed to risk the living standards, savings, and futures of ordinary working people.

With the Conservatives promising nothing but cuts to vital public services and tax cuts for their wealthy backers, Charlotte joined the Labour Party to fight for a recovery that put the people of our country first and protected the services we all rely on. After a decade of Tory austerity, Charlotte still believes that a Labour Party focused on improving the lives of ordinary working people is what will help people here in Plymouth get on in life.

Charlotte is a proud member of the GMB Union, which is the largest trade union here in Plymouth, with members across the city from the dockyard to Derriford. She is also a Cooperative Party member, Labour’s sister party, and will be standing as a Labour and Cooperative candidate. Charlotte is part of a strong Labour team locally alongside neighbouring MP Luke Pollard.