Boris Johnson, the new Conservative Prime Minister, is no friend to Plymouth.

He is out of touch, breaks promise after promise, and is dangerously incompetent and self-interested. He is unfit to be Prime Minister because of his character, his policies, and his lack of empathy.

One of his first pledges was to give more tax breaks for the rich, a move that could cost the country as much as £20bn a year. He is not a man who is in the interests of the working people of Plymouth.

Mr Johnson’s proposed tax cuts would not only disproportionately help the rich who help keep this Conservative Government in power, but it would also make it nigh on impossible to end the Tory austerity that has crippled our country and made life more difficult for the man and woman on the street, despite Mr Johnson promising otherwise.

This is a man whose lies have cost him at least three jobs, from being sacked from his job at The Times newspaper after allegations he made up quotes, to losing government positions after lying about extramarital affairs.

Put simply, Boris Johnson is no friend to Plymouth, he is not in the interests of the working people, and he is not fit to lead our country.