I was on the ITV News yesterday evening talking about the national rail action day as part of the latest rail fare hikes.

It is really getting beyond a joke for a lot of people who are facing these increases. Prices have increased across the country by 35% since 2010 when the Tory government came in, and that is a huge increase, far above how earnings are rising.

We need to reverse this trend, and Labour has a plan to tackle these rail increases, because passengers just can’t put up with it anymore. A Labour government will bring our railways back into public ownership so that they are run in the interests of passengers, and we have committed to keeping fares down and promise that rises in rail fares will not increase by more than CPI.

Not only does Labour want to put a cap on price increases, but we are also committed to improving the standard and reliability of rail services across the South West. This includes a £2.5 billion programme of railway upgrades for the region, including electrification, improvements at Dawlish, new diversionary routes and more.