I’m very pleased to see the DCMS Select Committee calling for saving free TV licences for over-75s today. I’ve been leading the campaign on behalf of Plymouth pensioners and this is another positive step forward nationally.

The Government should never have outsourced responsibility for funding free TV licences onto the BBC in the first place. Too many Plymouth pensioners are contacting me to say they will lose out and that they are angry that the Conservative Government has gone back on its promise made at the last election.

The only option that treats over-75s with dignity is for this Tory Government to admit they got it wrong. I want to see them re-commit to funding free TV licences for over-75s today.

The recently announced change means that over 4800 households across the Plymouth Moor View constituency will lose their TV licence for the over 75s. Our Conservative MP continues to be silent on the issue – I hope this changes soon.

See my recent article in Plymouth Live on saving free TV licences for all over 75s.