Plymouth pensioners were given a boost today as Plymouth City Council announced it was supporting Charlotte’s campaign to save free TV licences for the over 75s.

Councillors from both the main parties have lent their support to the campaign after the Tory party revealed it was cutting its funding for free TV licences in a move that could see 4,810 households across the Plymouth Moor View constituency lose their TV licence.

The Council will now ask the Government to reaffirm the pledge it made in the 2017 general election to keep licences free to 2022, and will call on MPs to support the move to tackle loneliness.

Alongside a fantastic group of Plymouth pensioners, I’ve been campaigning on this threat to TV licences since they first were at risk over eight months ago. For many older Plymothians the TV is their constant companion and window on the world, and I will not stand by silently and watch that be taken away from them.

I applaud the Councillors of both main parties in backing this motion. It’s just a shame that Mr Mercer, our Conservative MP, still has nothing to say on the matter.

Hundreds of Plymothians have already signed our petition to ensure the Conservative Government keeps its 2017 election promise and continue funding the free TV licence – it’s time they get an answer.

Make sure your voice is heard by signing our petition, and let Mr Mercer know the people of Plymouth Moor View will not stand for his inaction.

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