Donate to Charlotte’s campaign.
The campaign in Plymouth Moor View is people-powered. We don’t have any big corporate backers. All the money we spend on leaflets, deliveries, posters and our office come from members of the Labour Party, our affiliated trade unions, supporters and people like you.
Can you help by making a donation?

You can donate online here

  • £5 buys 100 direct mails printed for hand delivery
  • £10 buys 100 double-sided colour leaflets on card
  • £20 buys 60 franked personal letters from Charlotte to swing voters delivered by the Royal Mail
  • £100 buys a sponsored Facebook post targeted at voters in Plymouth
  • £250 buys so much stuff we’d be over the moon!

Whatever you can spare, every penny makes a difference. This is a key target seat which Labour needs to win in the next election. Your donation can make all the difference.

You can donate online here

On the Labour Party website where the online donation is made there are some legal notices about donating to a political party. Please read them carefully. Thank you.

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