Shutting down Parliament to push through a catastrophic no-deal Brexit is a serious affront to our democracy. Make no mistake, this is an unparalleled power grab. We are seeing a lot of dark days in our politics at the moment.

Claims like those from our Tory MP Mr Mercer that this is about the domestic policy agenda should be shown up for what they are: a pack of lies. It is a naked, calculated attempt to subvert the very democratic processes that we need to strengthen, not dissolve. 

Mr Mercer likes to talk a lot about so-called “modern compassionate Conservatism”, but is sat cheering as his Government decides there is no time in Parliament to protect victims of domestic violence and help people here in Plymouth who struggle with the daily burden of debt. These are just two examples of what Parliament could have been doing if it hadn’t been shut down.

My grandfather did not fight in the Second World War to secure the freedoms we so hold dear only for charlatans like Boris Johnson to take them away again.