During the 2017 general election Johnny Mercer stood on a manifesto which promised to keep free TV licences for the over 75s, but now the Tory Party has backtracked on that promise meaning that 4,810 households across the Plymouth Moor View constituency will lose their TV licence.

That’s £723,905 taken out of the pockets of Plymouth pensioners in Mr Mercer’s constituency, with thousands more affected across other parts of Plymouth and the country as a whole.

So we are calling on Mr Mercer, Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View, to keep the promise he was elected on in 2017 and keep the free TV licence for the over 75s. 

For many older Plymothians the TV is their constant companion and window on the world, and this Tory government, and Mr Mercer, have put that under threat.

The BBC has announced they will means test free TV licences for the over-75s as a result of a cut in funding from the government, and while means-testing may sound fair, in reality it means at least 650,000 of our poorest pensioners facing a big new annual bill they simply can’t afford. 

Together, we must demand our Conservative MP and the Government takes back responsibility for funding free TV licences for everyone in Plymouth over the age of 75 so that the elderly and most vulnerable in society do not suffer unnecessarily under the added burden of these extra fees just so they can watch TV.

Make sure your voice is heard by signing our petition, and let Mr Mercer know the people of Plymouth Moor View will not stand for his inaction.

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