Real Hope.
Real Change.
Real Plymouth.

Stay up-to-date with Charlotte’s campaign

Real Hope.
Real Change.
Real Plymouth.

Stay up-to-date with Charlotte’s campaign

Plymouth made me who I am.
I’m fighting for a better future for the city I call home.

Charlotte Holloway is standing to be the next Labour MP for Plymouth Moor View to create a Plymouth and a country that works for all of us. Charlotte is running a campaign that brings all Plymothians together to champion the needs of working people from Ernesettle to Eggbuckland, St Budeaux to Southway, Whitleigh to West Park. She is the only candidate on the ballot who lives in the constituency.

Together, we want to create a city where communities can quickly access a GP or dentist, know their children go to schools which are properly funded, see more community policing, and make sure jobs of the future are based in Plymouth.

In the sixth wealthiest nation in the world, working people and families in Plymouth shouldn’t have to struggle. It’s time for a Plymouth that works for the many.

I’m a local campaigner, a new working mum, a school governor, and a born-and-raised Plymothian working to champion the needs of people here. I’ve worked with communities, I’ve worked in bars, I’ve worked with leading businesses. Most recently, I’ve been working for a national charity.

My campaign to be the next Labour MP here is about fair funding for our schools. It’s about security in later life, affordable housing, and community policing. It’s about preparing for the future of our local economy, making sure Plymouth doesn’t get left behind. It’s about tackling hidden poverty, putting a stop to the misery of Universal Credit, and ending the Tory health and social care crisis.

What matters to me
We need an MP who is from Plymouth, lives here, and makes being an MP their only job.

Charlotte was raised in Plymouth where her mother taught her to read at the local library. Tory cuts have since forced that library to close, stopping other children having the same chances she had. Growing up, her family encouraged her to do her best, work hard and be kind to others. She’s never been afraid of a hard day’s graft and her first jobs were in the Mutley Plain Co-op and working behind the bar of The Dog and Duck.

With the support of brilliant local teachers, she became the first member of her family to go to university after school, winning a place at Cambridge. Part of what drives her now is the idea that children today do not have the same opportunities that she did growing up under a Labour Government.
In her career, Charlotte has worked on economic policy, worked with charities and helped UK businesses to grow, and advised leaders such as the Mayor of London. Her hard-working background and Plymouth upbringing has given her the perspective and insight to properly fight for our city. She lives in Crownhill where she is raising her family.
More About Charlotte
What we can achieve for Plymouth
In Later Life

Charlotte won’t let the Tories threaten our pensioners’ hard earned rewards. Charlotte will fight to protect TV licences, bus passes, and the triple locked pension.

Fair Funding
For Our Schools
Plymouth’s children get £300 less per year than the national average. Charlotte will fight to make sure that our children get their fair share.
Community Policing
Community policing makes us safe. Charlotte will fight to reverse Tory cuts to our police, and fight to secure Labour’s pledge to recruit 10,000 new officers.
Investing In
Plymouth’s Future
We need more well-paid secure jobs for our city. Charlotte will use her business background to work to make Plymouth the city of choice for new and growing UK businesses.
Hidden Poverty

Too many people suffer in silence under this Tory government. Charlotte will work tirelessly to end fuel, food and veteran poverty, as well as campaigning for a Real Living Wage of £10/hour and stopping the misery of Universal Credit.

End The Tory Health And Social Care Crisis

An end to creeping privatisation in our NHS and a proper plan for its future. Charlotte is fighting for proper funding for the care services Plymouth’s pensioners and vulnerable people rely on.