Commenting on the announcement that IVF services at Derriford are being re-tendered and only private sector companies will be bidding, Labour’s candidates in Plymouth said as follows.

Charlotte Holloway, Labour and Cooperative Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Moor View, said:

“This news is completely shocking. I’m a new mum and I’m genuinely astounded that the ability to have a baby should be privatised at Derriford. Private companies should have no place making profit from the difficulties of childlessness. It’s simply not right.”

Luke Pollard, standing for re-election in Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, said:

“NHS services should be run by the public sector and not private companies that take a profit from them. The news that IVF services will now be run by a private company taking profit from making babies shows there is nothing that won’t be privatised. The Conservatives are privatising NHS services and that means less money for the NHS and more taken by fat cat shareholders. A Labour Government would stop privatisation of the NHS.”

Luke and Charlotte have spoken to management at Derriford Hospital asking that patients and staff are fully engaged during any tendering process.

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary commented:

This is Tory privatising of the NHS at its worst. Labour will halt this privatisation in its tracks. But we can only do it if we get Luke and Charlotte elected in Plymouth by my side rebuilding a quality NHS for all”