People will know I’ve been campaigning against the Tories decision to break their 2017 election promise to keep the free TV licence for all over 75s. Today it has emerged that over 900,000 Armed Forces veterans are set to lose their free TV licences because the Conservatives have broken a 2017 manifesto pledge.

There are Plymouth veterans who have put their lives on the line in service, and yet this government is going back on the manifesto promise it made to them. I believe this is nothing short of a national disgrace.

I’ve been campaigning on the threat to the free TV licence for all over 75s since September last year (see here, here and here). Johnny Mercer MP still has not responded to any letters or public petitions signed by hundreds of Plymothians on the issue. I hope that he uses his new position to address the issue, rather than opting for continued silence.

The recently announced change means that over 4800 households across the Plymouth Moor View constituency will lose their TV licence for the over 75s (equivalent to £723,905 taken out of the pockets of Plymouth pensioners in Mr Mercer’s constituency, with thousands more affected in other parts of Plymouth too).

This morning I’ve been in touch with Plymouth City Council Leader Tudor Evans to see if we can find out how many Plymouth veterans are affected by this change.