St Budeaux Community Centre is under threat, and I’m backing local St Budeaux Councillor Darren Winter’s campaign to save it.

South West Water have issued the community centre a disconnection notice, and demanded an unaffordable amount of money up front to cover the costs of a water leakage in a defective pipe running from the water main. The company have demanded nearly £4,000 up front with further instalments of more than £1,000, and are refusing to negotiate a lower amount.

If the water is disconnected, this community centre will have to close completely, depriving our community and the rest of Plymouth of a much loved centre that so many rely on. 

I’m calling on South West Water to be a good corporate citizen and not force a key community organisation to close in this way. With South West Water’s recent profits and dividends for shareholders, I’m encouraging them to do the right thing and find a workable solution.

And that is why I am asking you to help this campaign to save the St Budeaux Community Centre by signing and sharing this petition. For those that want to do more than sign a petition you can also come along to a public meeting at the centre at 11am this Sunday 9th December.


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